Anderson Multipole 12v Connectors

A Journal of our Travels

A Journal of our Travels

• 12 V: Yellow
• 18 V: Orange
• 24 V: Red (Used by Warn for its 12 V winches, and used by Amateur radio for 12V DC)
• 36 V: Gray
• 48 V: Blue
The SB50 is for higher current applications. rated at 50A.
The pins are the same as the Powerpole 75A housings.
The Anderson SB series is popular for 12v recreational vehicles, caravans and camper trailers.
Contacts come in 3 sizes:
  • 6AWG
  • 8AWG
  • 10AWG

The SB175 is for high current applications and when using large cable e.g. 2AWG. Rated at 175A
Contacts come in sizes:
  • 0 AWG
  • 1 AWG
  • 2 AWG
  • 4 AWG
  • 6 AWG

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