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A Journal of our Travels

A Journal of our Travels

We carry a range of recovery equipment to improve our chances of self recovery should we get stick somewhere.

Long Handled Shovel

A basic recovery item. Also useful around the camp.

Snatch Strap

A useful item when there is another vehicle available to assist. They can be dangerous if precautions not taken.
Do NOT us shackles to join straps.
Only attach to proper recovery points on vehicles (NOT towball).

Recovery Tracks

These are laid on the ground in front of the tyres to assist with traction.

I have only used them at home when I became bogged in the front yard after record rain.
Recovery Tracks in use

High Lift Jack

Able to lift the the vehicle much higher than a standard jack. Useful when the vehicle is sitting high off the ground, and allows road building under the vehicle.
Care needs to be taken as they can be very unstable.


We have a Bighaul hand winch in the BT50. A hand winch has the advantage that it can be used to pull in any direction. It does not need electrical power to operate, but it does need physical effort.
Used as last resort.


Not just for recovery, but very useful for removing logs across the track, and also for cutting firewood.
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Air Compressor

We have a Bushranger Max Air Compressor which enables us to re-inflate the tyres very quickly.

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