History | Our Mazda BT-50

A Journal of our Travels

A Journal of our Travels

We sold the BT-to when our new D-Max arrived.

Odometer was 355K

While travelling the BT-50 started getting hard too start. it was found to be the starter motor.

The battery was also less than ideal so it was replaced as a precautionary measure.

Timing belt replaced again as I didn't want to go over the recommended distance between changes.

Replaced while on a trip to Queensland.

We have installed a Foxing awning. This will provide shade wherever we are. It is quick to setup and pack up. It is also an alternative to putting up our camper awning for those quick overnight stops.
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The EGR cooler has been leaking exhaust gas, and causing the turbo to whistle louder. The water had also been bypassed around the EGR cooler.
The EGR cooler has now been replaced and the water reconnected. The EGR valve was also found to be loose and a vacuum hose had come off. Both these have been rectified.
The car now runs much better, has more power and no whistle. The engine light is also off.
A ScanguageII has been installed to monitor vital engine functions. Installation was simply to pug it into the OBD port.
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It was time to replace the tyres. I decided to uograde from 235/75 15 to 245/70 16 as they are slightly taller and more easily obtainable around the country.
This required changing the rims, and I went for Black Trak2 rims from ROH in 16x7.\
The tyres are Hancook ATM RF10. The first time I have used Hancook.
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We needed some more storage, so have added a Rhino roof basket. It is a small one as it is a good fit and allows us to keep the shovel and high-lift jack mounts.
The basket will be used to carry the solar panels, so they don’t have to be removed from the top of the camper each night when travelling.
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The rear storage has been upgraded with a new drawer built and fitted.
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It was time to replace the timing belt. Also replaced the tensioner. Better to be safe than sorry.
I have added an iPod input to the car stereo. This consisted of purchasing the appropriate cable and mounting a socket on the fascia.
I also added some power sockets to the top of the dash to provide power to the GPS and phone etc.
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I have installed an iPad mount from RAM. It attached to the passenger seat mounting bolt. I had to buy a longer M10 1.25 fine bolt.
The iPad will be used for navigation using Hema Explorer.
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The canopy was laking from the holes where the roof rack is mounted. This was fixed with silicon round the rubber seals.

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