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A Journal of our Travels

A Journal of our Travels

We take a portable toilet with us when we go camping.
We started with a Thetford Porta-Potty, then Aldi toilet, Companion Easyloo, and now a Thetford 365. They have all cracked eventually, probably from being strapped to the top of the camper.

The toilet is now stored in the canopy on the D-Max.
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We have purchased a canvas toilet roll holder from Sarah’s Canvas Products. This keeps the roll dry and stops it getting damaged.
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We always use BioMagic in our toilet. BioMagic is comprised of Oxygen, Water and Nitrogen. It is safe on the skin, harmless to animals and very good for the environment. BioMagic is a non-biocide, non-enzyme, non-bacterial, non-volatile, pH neutral liquid.
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