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A Journal of our Travels

A Journal of our Travels

The decision was made to add Solar power to the campertrailer. The solar regulator is a Redarc DCBC1225.
The new schematic is on my Schematic page.
Started by removing the batteries (which need replacing after 9 years) and pulling out the original wiring.
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A distribution box was built, for the cables, main fuses and relay.
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The 4 3AG fuse holders in the panel have been replaced with switches, as there is a new fuse box mounted inside the side well.

The cables (new and existing) underneath have been tidied up. Split conduit still to be installed.
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The new fuse box.. This supplies all accessories.
Solar input - SB50 Anderson connector. Orange for unregulated solar. Yellow for regulated 12v.
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180W Bosch folding solar panels were purchased and Anderson connectors installed to use the Redarc charger instead of the regulator that comes with the panels. The panel regulator can still be used if needed.
A couple of eye bolts have been added to the panel frame to secure it on the trailer when closed.
The solar panels are Bosch. 2 x 90W connected to fold together. The onboard regulator is bypassed when using the Redarc regulator. The onboard regulator can be used to charge batteries without using the Redarc regulator.
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