Lake George

A Journal of our Travels

A Journal of our Travels

Day Trip

We decied to do a day trip to Lake george to check out the water that is in the lake.

We stopped at Collector (Some Cafe) for a coffee before exploring the lake.

Lake George, or Weereewa as it it is known to the local Indigenous community, is a curious phenomenon, around 25km x 10km and purely a product of evaporation and rainfall. It is an endorheic lake, as it has no outflow of water to rivers and oceans.

The lake's depth when full can range from 1.5–4.5m, however in many areas it is only around 0.8–1.0m deep. Its deepest point has been measured as 7.5 metres . When full, the lake holds around 500,000,000 cubic metres of water.

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